JAX® Sperm Cryo Kit

Sperm Cryo KitCryopreserve novel mouse strains in your own laboratory and enjoy the peace of mind provided by quality control (QC) testing and safe, long-term storage at The Jackson Laboratory.


Kit Includes:

  • All unique reagents, instruction manual, cryopreservation apparatus, and the plastic ware you need to cryopreserve your strains
  • Quality control IVF test to two-cell stage and three years of liquid nitrogen storage for each strain
  • Collection dishes, straws, cassettes, freezing apparatus, cryo-protective media, detailed and illustrated instruction manual
  • Extra materials for a practice run
  • Use of a dry shipper and prepaid freight (for US and Canadian customers)

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Key benefits

  • Costs 30% less than the JAX® Sperm Cryo Service!
  • 'Backs-up' valuable mouse strains against loss
  • Saves vivarium space when colonies are inactive
  • Limits genetic drift and prevents spontaneous loss of phenotype
  • Provides safe, off-site storage of your strains
  • Facilitates quick recovery of Specified and Opportunistic Pathogen Free (SOPF) mice
  • Facilitate distribution of your strains to other researchers


  • Three sizes:
    • three-strain kit: $3,750
    • six-strain kit: $7,025
    • nine-strain kit: $10,150
  • Volume pricing: 10% off if three or more nine-strain kits purchased and shipped at one time
  • Additional years of storage available for $190/strain/year   

More details

  • Suitable for strains that can be recovered on C57BL/6J, DBA/2J, C3H/HeJ, FVB/NJ, B6C3F1/J, and B6129SF1/J backgrounds
  • JAX performs quality control and stores sperm for three years in three tanks at two sites
  • More information available on our frequently asked questions page

Special offer for academic transgenic cores

JAX offers a special program with preferred pricing on our Kit for academic and non-profit members of our Alliance Program for Transgenic Cores.

Note: The Kit is designed for users familiar with mouse dissection techniques. Successful sperm cryopreservation depends on accurate dissection of the vas deferens and cauda epididymis.

Morag MackayJAX® Sperm Cryo Kit

Morag Mackay of La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology discusses how to successfully utilize the JAX® Sperm Cryo Kit
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International customer?

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Not sure you want to do it yourself? You don't have to!

Our Sperm Cryo Service can take care of everything, from start to finish.


Need to cryopreserve 50 or more strains?

 Our 'Freeze Team' can cryopreserve them on site at your facility.

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