JAX® QTL mapping Analysis Service

The same QTL analysis we have performed hundreds of times for our own scientists

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Key benefits

  • Cross can be performed by you or by JAX® Breeding Services
  • Cross offspring are phenotyped and then genotyped with SNPs from our 2,000+ SNP marker panel
  • Genotype and phenotype information is analyzed using statistical programs designed by Jackson Laboratory scientists
  • A Project Specialist keeps you informed about the progress of your study from start to finish
  • Two analysis level options
    • Level 1 analysis: a one-dimensional genome scan to detect major QTL for each phenotype (covariates, such as sex and body weight, are addressed) Sample report (.pdf)
    • Level 2 analysis: genome-wide two-dimensional scans to detect major QTL and QTL interactions, fit multiple regression models, and identify candidate QTL and covariates. Several plots (including one and two-dimensional scan plots) are generated. Confidence interval and effect plots are generated for each major QTL. Sample report (.pdf)

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