Patient-derived xenograft resource

Contact us todayWe have partnered with more than 20 cancer clinics to provide access to a wider range of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cancer models at earlier passage numbers than any other PDX resource available today.

More than 200 PDX oncology models from treatment naive and resistant patients have been established in the highly immunodeficient NSG (005557) mouse strain.  We can conduct efficacy testing in any PDX cancer model or distribute tumor-bearing mice to your laboratory. 

PDX LiveTM tumor models

Our collection of readily available, off-the-shelf, PDX tumor engrafted cohorts can help you put mice on study sooner, allowing rapid study turnaround and quicker decision-making. 

See our inventory of readily available cohorts of PDX LiveTM tumor-bearing mice

PDX tumor collection

These tumors are available for engraftment in NSG mice for shipment of tumor-bearing mice  to your facility or for execution of efficacy studies performed in our facility.

Information on patient clinical history and genomics data sets are available at no cost. Frozen tumor tissue and prepared slides are available for biomarker analysis at a nominal cost.


PDX workflow
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