JAX compound evaluation: oncology

JAX preclinical oncology services provides highly customizable in vivo compound evaluation to help customers evaluate novel anticancer therapies. We offer a breadth of technologies that span from traditional xenograft services to advanced humanized mouse models of cancer and offer the flexibility to customize studies and import client-provided animals and cancer cell lines.

Subcutaneous human tumor xenografts

  • Xenograft models of human cancer to test compound efficacy
  • Model: Engraftment of over 60 cell lines subcutaneously in immunodeficient strains
  • Readouts: Tumor volume and growth rate
  • Sample study: Lung Cancer Xenograft protocol (.pdf)

Syngenic tumor grafts

  • Mouse model for melanoma and metastasis
  • Model: B16F10 mouse melanoma cells expressing luciferase engrafted in C57BL/6J
  • Readouts:
    • Tumor volume and growth rate
    • Non-invasive bioluminescence imaging to detect metastases

Orthotopic engraftment

  • Human tumor grafts in their sites of origin for compound efficacy studies
  • Model: Orthotopic engraftment of a variety of luciferase expressing cell lines
  • Readout: Non-invasive bioluminescence imaging
  • Sample study: Orthotopic prostate tumor study (.pdf)

Patient-derived xenograft resource

  • Compound efficacy testing in mice engrafted with patient-derived tumor xenografts
  • Established PDX models for many tumor types (lung, brain, pancreas, etc.)
  • Readouts: Survival, tumor volume and growth rate, histopathology
  • Learn more: PDX resource information
Real-time in vivo monitoring of tumor response using Caliper IVIS Biophotonic Imaging
PC-3M-luc2 cells (Caliper Life Sciences) were orthotopically transplanted into the prostate tissue of a male nude mouse (NU/J Stock Number 002019). Image obtained from an anesthetized tumor bearing mouse using IVIS® imaging system (Caliper Life Sciences).

In vivo pharmacology services facility

JAX® In Vivo Pharmacology services are performed in our West Sacramento, California facility. We would be happy to arrange a tour.

PDX resource

Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models for large-scale cancer research and high-throughput studies

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Patient-derived xenograph resource for oncology