Oncology preclinical services

JAX preclinical oncology services provide highly customizable in vivo compound evaluation to help clients and researchers evaluate novel anti-cancer therapies.

We offer diverse oncology study protocols that range from traditional xenograft (subcutaneous and orthotopic) services to patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cancer models and advanced humanized (hCD34+ or hBLT) mouse models for cancer drug development. We have the flexibility to customize studies and import client-provided mice and cancer cell lines.

PDX LiveTM engrafted mice

Off-the-shelf, patient-derived xenograft cancer models ready for enrollment by you or our study directors.

Complete PDX cancer resource

A comprehensive collection of PDX tumor models for compound efficacy testing.

Subcutaneous xenograft models

Assessment of tumor growth rate and drug efficacy in a multitude of human cancer cell lines.

Orthotopic tumor models

Evaluation of tumor cell drug response within the organ of origin via bioluminescent imaging.

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