JAX® Sperm Cryopreservation Service

The techniques for this revolutionary breakthrough in colony management were developed at The Jackson Laboratory. The unparalleled fertilization rates of recovered sperm enable reliable, cost-effective, and scalable colony expansion.

Key benefits

  • Dramatically reduces the cost of cryopreserving mouse strains
  • Costs less than maintaining a live colony for six months
  • Only two male mice needed
  • Quality control (QC) check via IVF for every strain
  • Includes safe, long term sample storage in multiple tanks and locations
  • Insures against loss from disease, breeding cessation, natural and other disasters
  • High fertilization and recovery rates enables direct expansion for rapid colony builds
  • Limits genetic drift
  • Prevents spontaneous loss of phenotype


  • Suitable for all genetically modified strains
  • At least 18 straws of sperm stored per strain
  • Quality control includes a fertilization test via IVF to two-cell embryos
  • Sperm stored for two years in three tanks at two sites (included in the cost)

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  • Most strains: $1,650 includes QC tests and two years of storage
  • Additional years of storage: $190/strain/year
  • Recovery of live born pups (when recommended): $1,025/strain

C57BL/6 vs. 129 Background Genetic Scan Characterization Panel

Our C57BL/6 vs.129 background characterization panel distinguishes between any B6 and 129 strains. It utilizes approximately 150 evenly spaced SNP markers, covering all autosomes and the X chromosome. The genome-wide spacing averages 15Mb – equivalent to approximately 8 centimorgans. This scan is ideally suited for checking a strain new to you for genetic contamination, to check how congenic it is or to document its genetic composition as part of its cryopreservation records. Price is $159.00/sample tested (typically two samples).


  • We can recover your strain in 9 to 11 weeks from the time of your request
  • Cost for recovery is $1,900 for most strains
  • All recovered mice are specified and opportunistic pathogen free (SOPF)
  • Typically, ten or more pups are recovered
  • This is a great way to share your unique mouse strain with colleagues
  • More information about cryorecovery services

JAX has successfully cryopreserved and recovered sperm from over 18,000 mouse strains to date on 50 genetic backgrounds

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A note on strain ownership and donation

Mice provided to Jackson for performance of service work are and remain the customer’s exclusive property. Read more 

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