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Sperm Cryorecovery Service

If you used our Sperm Cryopreservation Service or our Sperm Cryo Kit to cryopreserve your strains, we can produce live mice for you in as little as nine weeks.*

Key benefits

  • Recovery completed within nine to 12 weeks
  • All mice produced in room G200 are specified and opportunistic pathogen free (SOPF) and shipped with a comprehensive health report


  • Protocols developed by JAX, pioneers in cryopreservation technology
  • Standard recovery yields an average of 10 or more pups
  • Larger cohorts can be economically produced from strains with high fertilization rates through our Speed Expansion Service
  • Cryopreserved embryos can be produced from cryopreserved sperm


  • Standard Recovery for most strains: $1,900 (varies with background, fertilization rate, and quantity desired)

* If you need to have cryopreserved mouse sperm recovered that was not frozen by JAX or our Sperm Cryo Kit, please contact us and we will evaluate it for feasibility and cost.

    Chart: New sperm cryopreservation methods across inbred mouse strains
    Figure 1. Fertilization rates of cryopreserved mouse sperm.
    Chart links to larger version

    Embryo Recovery Service

    Unparalleled expertise in embryo handling, transfer, and recovery.

    Key benefits

    • Recovery completed within nine to 12 weeks
    • Mice produced in room G200 are SOPF and shipped with a comprehensive health report
    • Pioneering expertise in embryo handling, transfer, and recovery


    • Standard recovery involves transfer of up to 30 embryos into two pseudopregnant females
    • Genotyping available at additional cost


    • Most strains: $1,550 for up to 30 embryos transferred
    • Inquire about scaled recoveries

JAX Reproductive Sciences is pleased to announce the implementation of an enhanced health monitoring system in room G200

Jonathan CohenCryorecovery of embryos

Jonathan A. Cohen of Mount Sinai School of Medicine discusses cryorecovery of embryos
Video: Watch video (00:55)

Our unrivaled experience includes:

  • Over 22,000 unique strains cryopreserved to date
    • More than 15,000 strains using our sperm cryo method
    • More than three million embryos cryopreserved to date
  • More than 2,500 cryorecoveries performed annually
  • More than 12,000 embryo transfers performed annually

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