JAX® Speed Expansion Service

Need dozens or even hundreds of mice—all of the same age—all at a specified and opportunistic pathogen free (SOPF) status—fast? Using IVF, we routinely produce cohorts of mice that can be used to jump start a breeding colony or perform characterization studies. This saves months over traditional breeding approaches and requires only a few males from the colony to be expanded.

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Key benefits

  • Ideal for quickly producing large quantities of SOPF, same-age, genetically engineered mice on common genetic backgrounds
  • Requires only a few males
  • Uses wild-type females from the appropriate genetic background
  • Ideal for strains where males have short lifespan or breeding windows (e.g. neuromuscular and neurological disorders) 


  • Experience using many different inbred lines as oocyte donor strains
  • Access to the female mice at the same age and quantities needed
  • All mice produced are SOPF
  • Can be used to expand customer colonies or to generate cohorts of JAX® Mice that are only available in limited supply 

Speed expansion is ideal for quickly producing large quantities of SPF, same-age, genetically engineered mice.

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