JAX® Rederivation Service

Is the health status of your mice confounding your research results, impairing their ability to reproduce, or shortening their lives? We offer two services to restore them to a specified and opportunistic pathogen free (SOPF) health status.

Speed rederivation (including Sperm Cryo)

Key benefits

  • Quick turnaround time: 12 to 15 weeks*
  • Minimum of eight SOPF pups provided (typically 12 or more)*
  • Includes Sperm Cryo Service and two years of storage*
  • Enables future recoveries or expansions
  • Enables strain importation without quarantine
  • A convenient way to receive mice from a collaborator 

* If males are too old, we may not have sufficient sperm to freeze and cannot guarantee a minimum number of mice.

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C57BL/6 vs. 129 Background Genetic Scan Characterization Panel

Our C57BL/6 vs.129 background characterization panel distinguishes between any B6 and 129 strains. It utilizes approximately 150 evenly spaced SNP markers, covering all autosomes and the X chromosome. The genome-wide spacing averages 15Mb – equivalent to approximately 8 centimorgans. This scan is ideally suited for checking a strain new to you for genetic contamination, to check how congenic it is or to document its genetic composition as part of its cryopreservation records. Price is $159.00/sample tested (typically two samples).


  • Requires only two males, 10 to 16 weeks of age, from your colony 
  • Uses IVF and wild-type oocytes from the appropriate genetic background 
  • Available for transgenic, knockout, and single gene mutant mice on most commonly used genetic inbred backgrounds
  • Shipment includes comprehensive animal health report 
  • Genotyping available for additional cost

Illustration of rederivation timeline
The typical turnaround time from importation of investigator-supplied mice to arrival of SOPF mice is 12 to 15 weeks.

Custom rederivation

Key benefits

  • Best suited for rederiving inbreds, homozygotes, or strains with multiple genetic mutations
  • Minimum of two pair of SOPF mice provided

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Jonathan CohenQuarantine versus rederivation

Jonathan Cohen of Mount Sinai School of Medicine discusses quarantine versus rederivation
Video: Watch video (01:26)

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