JAX® Breeding and Rederivation Services

Breeding Services

Need more time for your research? Running out of mouse room space? Our experts can manage easy or complex breeding projects on time and within budget, rederive mouse strains to specified and opportunistic pathogen free (SOPF) status, and ship mice to you as you need them.

Dedicated Supply Service

Wondering if you'll be able to obtain a regular and adequate supply of mice from that rare strain? JAX will ease your mind with colonies maintained just for you. Concentrate on your research. We'll make sure you get the mice you need when you need them.

Rederivation Service

Has an undesirable agent infiltrated your mouse colony? No worries. We can cost-effectively rederive the colony to SOPF status.

Speed Expansion Service

Can't make your mice reproduce fast enough? We can. Using IVF and other techniques, we can produce large quantities of same age SOPF mice in record time.

Strain Rescue Service

Is there something wrong with your mouse colony— something you just can't figure out? We can help. Using a variety of diagnostic tools and assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), we have been able to recover strains that were considered lost.

Speed Congenic Service

Using our JAX®-designed SNP panel, we can dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to produce congenic strains.

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