JAX® Dedicated Supply Service

Many JAX® Mice strains are cryopreserved or are not readily available in the numbers you might need. Additionally, many have special needs. Our Dedicated Supply Service can expand, and earmark colonies of those strains especially for you— so you get the mice you need when you need them.

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Key benefits

  • JAX® Mice colonies earmarked exclusively for your research
  • Ideal for difficult-to-manage and low-inventory strains
  • 80 years experience in mouse husbandry
  • Support from world-renowned JAX scientists


  • Manage mouse colonies with special needs
  • Maintain colonies large enough to supply your needs
  • Quickly expand colonies using IVF
  • House mice in barrier rooms or flexible film isolators
  • Integrate with other JAX® Services, including Phenotyping, Effiacy Testing, Gene Expression, and Histological Services


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